AppCampus teams up with Audiodraft to find the best soundtrack


AudioDraft Sound Design Contest:

The Sound of AppCampus

In this sound design contest we're looking for a soundtrack for AppCampus introduction video. The core message of the video is how AppCampus is an unprecedented opportunity for entrepreneurs to put their ideas into practice and create world-class mobile products.

Design Brief

The AppCampus program is a Finland-based mobile application development program at Aalto University which is implemented in co-operation with Microsoft Corp. and Nokia.

The AppCampus program has been set up to foster the creation of innovative mobile applications for the Windows Phone ecosystem, and in addition, Nokia platforms, including Symbian and Series 40, to create a new generation of self-sustaining mobile startups.

AppCampus is intended to attract thousands of application proposals from students and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Within the AppCampus program, mobile entrepreneurs can benefit from comprehensive support, training in mobile technology, design and usability, and funding to create innovative new mobile apps and services.

More details about the project:

  • The video will be high paced and energetic, so the tempo of the soundtrack should be upbeat enough
  • We're looking for a rock n' roll vibe, but the music genre doesn't have to be limited only to guitar driven rock. Attitude matters!
  • AppCampus is a global initiative with a young and fresh attitude. The soundtrack must represent that as well.

Total duration of the video is 45 seconds but the submitted track can be up to 1 min in length. The track should be instrumental.

Here are some tracks that we like as a source for inspiration and just to get the idea across:

The contest is held on the Audiodraft contest platform. You must go to the contest site on Audiodraft, register yourself as a user and submit your entry on Audiodraft.

The contest site on Audiodraft can be found here: The Sound of AppCampus

The official site of AppCampus

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List of the entries

PasiP AppCampus #1
by PasiP
by edcooksound
Rocky Dances
by ocmol
Humanize - AppCampus
by eroservin
by Jamus
by edcooksound
AppCampus swing
by ottoorion
Big Beat AppC Vo
by Mystix_Instrumentals
by studiofondation
Breaking bedrock
by DUBSurce